Welcome to my website! I am a South African artist, based in Whitstable, having lived in London and Germany. Over the past 30 years, I have been a dancer, actor, singer, landscaper, interior designer, and mosaic artist. I started painting in 2011, graduated from the Art Academy, London in 2015, and have exhibited in Portland, Oregon in the USA, at the Art Academy and Dulwich Picture Gallery in London, and at the Art Factory in Kandern, Germany.


I paint primarily in oils and acrylics, using light and colour to explore how hope, beauty and wonder can be found alongside sorrow, pain and grief. I believe in resilience and mindfulness and my work allows me to explore that.  Rebecca Solnit writes about hope being not like a lottery ticket, but more like an axe to break down a door in emergencies. This resonates so deeply in me because grappling with hope and how it is kept alive and how it is brought out, is the primary driver in my work. The question I ask is, does the artwork brings me, and hopefully others, closer to a place of hope.  Does it make me mindful of the beauty around me?  Does it honour the journey through dark and difficult places? Does it encourage me to pay attention?  


I paint about 30 hours a week – often working on several pieces at once. I work predominantly from photo references shot by my husband and I on our travels. In summer, I tend to do more en-plein-air work, especially when I am hanging out with my art mentor who lives in France.  My art influences keep changing but I continue to be inspired by Joaquin Sorolla—specifically his use of light and the sensitivity with which he painted his family. I also love the way Frida Kahlo channeled her pain into her work, John Singer Sargent’s brushwork, Vermeer’s use of colour and Van Gogh’s yearning for community.  

I have three children and being a parent has completely reshaped the way I see myself and transformed my outlook on the world. They inspire me to be the best version of me that I can be. I love it when friends gather in my home to rest, share stories and find comfort. It is my intention that my work might similarly create a safe space to reflect and reignite hope.