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This is an oil portrait of my daughter in a very Fridaesque composition. After seeing a Frida exhibition in Budapest, I was very aware of her use of symbolism in the fauna and flora she placed around herself. I liked this concept of flowers being used to spell out a history and also a character. Arum lilies ....which were my wedding flowers...also always a feature in our gardens in South Africa where she grew up...and also to symbolise her pure soul; roses ....from our landlord's garden here in Germany, so another place that has been a home to us....and also because they are such fresh flowers, so full of promise, just like her; proteas...again tying her back to her place of birth, South Africa...and also the flowers of her wedding. The pose I chose is direct and knowing because she is an old soul, full of grace and poise.


Dimensions: 61 x 76 cm
Medium: Oil on canvas

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